Visual Help

Visual Help

A series of strategic tools at your disposal will help you improve your Out of Home creativity.

Together we enhance your campaign's visuals in order to boost readability, impact and effectiveness. 

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Software allowing billboard guided design. In just a few simple steps you can create your communication campaign. At the end of the process, you can choose whether to save your work or directly send it to us for printing.

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Full Motion 3D

Software allowing billboard’s impact and readability check by placing it in a 3D environment. It allows to preview the visual in a realistic context to optimize any critical points of readability or confirm the effectiveness of the billboard. Guided user sessions are available by appointment.

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Software that calculates the readability of all the text in the billboard based on sight distance, considering for each element the font size, graphic style and colour balance with the background. Guided user sessions are available by appointment.

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content production

IGPDecaux provides a series of supplementary services for the guided content production, in order to support customers in the creation of visuals suitable for our media, both traditional and digital, with the right timing.

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Discover More

Improve your Out of Home culture, here you find some references and manuals.

Manuale d'uso della Comunicazione Esterna Indicazioni d’uso per contenuti digital out of home